15+ experts share how teachers
can retire with more than enough money
without leaving for a higher paying job.

This Virtual Summit runs from Nov 3-5, 2022 with access to all presentations available through Nov 12th for FREE!


Do you worry about having enough to retire without giving up on teaching?

You have found yourself hoping that your pension will be enough. Or you want to save for retirement but the idea of putting aside just $100 a month just doesn't seem possible. Or you've always meant to start a 403b but just haven't found the time.

At the More than Enough: Teach Toward Retirement Summit we will help you...

Save money AND stay in the classroom, where you want to be.

Understand the unique retirement options available to teachers.

Take practical steps towards retiring with more than just enough.

Save for retirement even with kids at home.

Crush your debt before you retire.

You don't have to blindly trust in a pension.


Learn the easy steps to retire with
more than enough on your own.

In this free summit, you will get the tools you need to save for retirement no matter your salary, dodge the predatory practices that keep teachers down, and retire well without ever leaving the classroom.


Scared you'll never retire--especially with all the rules and steps for your pension.

Worried you can't put enough into retirement to live comfortably. 

Unsure about it all and don't know how to get started.

Learn strategies to prepare for retirement, whether you have 3 or 30 years to go.



Hi, I'm Shaun Morgan and I'm a full time teacher as well as a financial coach who works specifically with educators. I apply in-classroom experience with financial concepts to help educators move from a poverty-fixed mindset to a wealthy-growth mindset.

I have struggled to provide for a family on a one teacher salary, I know how difficult it can be to save for retirement. But that only motivates me to help other educators understand their financial superpowers and be successful. My goal is to remove "rich educators" from the oxymoron list. That's why I'm hosting the More than Enough: Teach Toward Retirement Summit--to help you get money out of the way so you can enrich your students without worrying about a rich retirement.

(P.S. Yes, that is definitely my faculty photo)

Here's everything you need to know


The summit will run from Thursday to Saturday, November 3-5. Speaker interactions will be available from 12-5 PM CST along with immediate support. If you aren't available at those time, don't worry, all presentations will be available for free for 48 hours.


Anywhere. That's the best part of a virtual summit. You will access the summit virtually right here on this website. (You can even pause and go to the bathroom whenever you'd like). When you register, the link will be delivered directly to your inbox the day of the summit.


Each speaker will give an action packed presentation lasting no more than 20 minutes (so short you could even watch one on your miniature sized lunch break). All presentations will be available for free for 1 week.


To keep up to date on the summit, you will join our free summit community on Facebook. We'll send you the link to join when you register.


More than Enough Pro Pack Holders

Pro pack holders will be given access to all presentations for life, a free e-book to help you save money on a teacher's salary, and other bonuses from the speakers to help you retire with more than enough. You'll also get live training and Q&A after the summit with Shaun.

More Than Enough Pro Pack Prize

Pro Pack holders will be entered into a drawing for an hour long one on one coaching session with Shaun as well as other amazing prizes.



The opposite of boring zoom faculty meetings


I know you're probably tired of zoom meetings, trust me so am I. But this won't be like those meetings. For one, there is no need to have your camera on and there will be no "virtual team building". Ugh. Also, you won't come away wishing you could get that part of your life back. (Lockdown virtual staff meetings anyone?)

This summit is virtual so we can reach as many of you as possible. Our mission is to empower educators like yourself to stay in the classroom with confidence in your retirement.

You probably feel like you don't know enough about retirement, but you also don't have enough time to learn about it. We completely understand--using your lunchtime to talk to the shifty retirement salespeople in the faculty lounge isn't appealing to us either. There's a better way to learn everything you need to know.

Since this summit is virtual, you can pick and choose the information you need to learn and get a practical course in less than 20 minutes. Finally, PD that actually helps!

The Speakers


We're super excited to have an impressive line up of speakers coming to help you have enough to retire on your schedule.

Yanely Espinal
Roth IRA: Helping Supercharge Teacher Retirement

Erica Terry
7 Side Hustles to Fund Teacher Retirement

Dan Otter
How to wisely navigate the 403(b)

Bre Thompson 
How To Budget For Retirement On A Low Income Teacher's Salary 

Israel and Sunem Tovar
Improving our Money Mindsets as Teachers 

Brittany Roberts
10 Creative Ways to Get Free or Sponsored Travel WITHOUT Credit Cards

Gerry Born
The Magic of the 457 Account:  Freedom Fund, FIRE Accelerant, and More!

Jill Wiley
Playing the long game: real estate as a retirement income stream

Rashad Muhammad
Investing Your Way To A Million: How Teachers Can Slowly And Methodically Build Wealth

Rachel Jimenez
Secret Strategies to Optimize Your Life for Success and Happiness

Todd Christensen
Project DEBT-o-nation: Destroying Debt before you Retire

Amber Harper
Hacking Teacher Burnout: 8 Steps to go from Isolated to Empowered and Overcome Any Challenge

Rich Smith
Interview: How this Teacher is Preparing for an Abundant Retirement

Ms. Black
Interview: How this Teacher is Preparing for an Abundant Retirement

Shaun Morgan
Isn't my pension enough? How to think about your pension in your overall retirement strategy

Retire with more than enough with these amazing experts!



  -Stop putting off retirement planning (yes, even if you're young)

- Stop worrying that you'll never have enough to retire

-Take control of your financial future

Take control of your exit from teaching, whether that's in 3 years or 30, with more than enough for an abundant retirement.



So what are you waiting for?


Join this free summit and retire with more than enough.